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New Patients

Our team is ready to warmly welcome you to our modern, bright practice that has a welcoming feel to it. You’ll find our clinic environment to be patient-centred. We want you to relax and feel right at home in our comfortable lounge area. Feel free to help yourself to complimentary coffee or tea and a biscuit. Every now and then, Dr. Anna bakes up some gluten-free cake for our patients to try!

Your First Consultation

Your new patient forms can be filled out ahead of time, or you can arrive 15 minutes early to do so. At this visit, we’ll talk about your health history and why you’ve come to us. Then, we’ll do a thorough examination that includes various testing and X-rays, if necessary.

To prepare for your visit, please wear loose clothing and try to avoid wearing a skirt. We can, however, have you change into clothing we provide if need be. It’s useful if you can bring in any X-rays or reports like ultrasounds, CTs or MRIs that may help with the consultation.

Your Report Visit

To have informed consent around your care, the next visit is in two parts. The first half is your personalised report of findings appointment. We’ll explain what we found in the results of your examination, tests and X-rays (if taken). You will also receive your first chiropractic adjustment.

The second half of your report is where we take the time to explain where we fit in the healthcare system and what you can expect from your care. Your chiropractor will provide you with an individualised chiropractic care program. Any questions and concerns that you have will be answered.

Follow-Up Visits

Once we’ve established how best to help you, your visits will only take about five minutes. As your pain and symptoms subside, you’ll receive home exercises and stretches to further help your healing. Our goal is to move you from being in pain to having a healthier lifestyle and a brighter future.

We are very keen to know how your progress is tracking, so at certain intervals, we perform a progressive examination. We will inform you when these exams are due so you can book your next appointment accordingly.

Attend Our Health Talks!

In addition to speaking with you about your health on every visit, we offer talks in the clinic to teach you more. The topics vary and are on a range of subjects, such as nutrition basics, neurology or how adjustments affect your body. Contact us today to attend our next talk!

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