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Meet the Team

When you arrive at Stott Chiropractic, our team is ready to warmly welcome you. You’ll find that we’re friendly and caring while keeping your visits efficient. Our courteous staff are passionate about chiropractic, and they take pride in attending to your needs.

Dr Andrew Stott, Chiropractor

Dr Andrew Stott

Dr Andrew Stott

My father, uncle, brother and partner are all chiropractors, and I’ve always been interested in health and the way things work. I started out studying engineering and computer science. But I was still reading books about natural health, nutrition and healing and feeling drawn to a more fulfilling career path.


Dr Anna Rososzczuk, Chiropractor

Dr Anna Rososzczuk

Dr Anna Rososzczuk

My path to chiropractic started with an interest in health and how the human body works. I didn’t even really understand what a chiropractor did before I started studying! My interest in health and function started young. As a kid, I never tired of watching documentaries on the human body. When I started studying chiropractic, I realised that I absolutely loved it!


Dr Michael Stott, Chiropractor

Dr Michael Stott

Dr Mike Stott

It was over 30 years ago that I became interested in chiropractic. I was attending Massey University in New Zealand at the time. Lower back and leg pain has plagued me since I’d been in school, and I sought relief from a chiropractor. The debilitating pain was gone!



Kerry, Custom Orthotics Consultant

Kerry has a passion for health and nutrition. She is trained and proficient in prescribing Foot Levelers,

a flexible stabiliser designed to support the three arches of the foot.

Their use is beneficial in alleviating many musculoskeletal conditions and also correcting specific spinal problems.

Kerry is married with four grown children and enjoys swimming, biking, music, walking and gardening.

Contact us on (07) 3279 5252 to schedule an appointment.



Mickayla, Chiropractic Assistant

Mickayla is passionate about community, wellness, health and fitness. She has a certificate IV in Youth Work and is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science.

She enjoys healthy cooking, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Mickayla started off at Stott Chiropractic as a patient and now as our Chiropractic Assistant is grateful to journey with others as they improve their overall health.




Carolyn, Chiropractic Assistant

Carolyn is very family oriented and loves the fact that her family regularly attend the clinic. She enjoys spending time with her partner and their 2 Adult children, along with her animals.

She is an ardent animal enthusiast and can often be seen out walking her dog.Carolyn strives to maintain her health and well-being through diet, exercise and regular Chiropractic treatments.

She also enjoys watching sport, reading, going to the beach and visiting parklands.



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