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Poor Posture? Perfect It With These Simple Exercises

Given how much time people spend looking downward at their digital devices or hunched over their workstations for hours a day, it’s no wonder that poor posture is so prevalent. Essential to your overall wellbeing, good posture has many benefits; it can reduce back pain, increase energy, and improve confidence. Having good posture also may help you avoid muscle tension, pain, fatigue, and many other common ailments.

One of the best ways to improve posture is through various exercises.

Increase Mobility in the Back With Wall Angels

In his recent YouTube videos, Dr Stott (Chiropractor) demonstrates how to perform the Wall Angel, including an alternative variation performed while lying on the floor.

“Patients with poor posture, particularly rounded shoulders and forward head posture, can benefit from Wall Angels to strengthen the muscles responsible for maintaining a more upright and balanced posture,” said Dr Stott.

This exercise also serves as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of developing shoulder pain or discomfort, especially in individuals who sit at a desk for extended periods or engage in activities that strain the shoulders.

Doing Wall Angels is also recommended for general fitness and flexibility to promote upper body health and wellbeing.

Tame Tension With the Chin Tuck

The purpose of the Chin Tuck exercise is to strengthen the front of the neck, which will take some of the tightness out of the top of the neck. Often, when we put our head forward, the suboccipital muscles have to work extra hard. As a result, we can develop tension headaches and tightness. The Chin Tuck tightens the muscles in the front of the neck.

Let Us Show You How to Perform the Exercises

If you’re unsure how to do the exercises at home, we invite you to visit our practice; we’ll be happy to demonstrate how to do them using proper form to maximise their benefits.

Chiropractic care also may help to improve your posture. Give Stott Chiropractic a call today to book an appointment!

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